Billboards & Breast-Sucking Dolls

What is the role of the artist?
Is she meant to cry?

What is the role of the artist?
Is she asked to bleed?

What is my role?
Am I doomed to record?

“Black Children Are An Endangered Species”
followed by: “Breast Milk Baby: The Magic of Motherhood”

Reflections of her contemporary society,
images of what will soon become what was,
she lives in her mind,
sits immobilized at computer screens,
while still dripping from fresh bathing

The constant gravity of ink on
sheets of white
her brown fingers tapping,
her leg folded beneath to later tingle--
that nagging reminder of the physical phenomena

Of being alive there is a rub,
heartbeats and sodium soaked trails
the guttural sighs she makes
when the house is still—
when there isn’t even anyone around

to inquire, What’s wrong?


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