The Utility of Social Networking for Professionals

In my new position, networking has taken on a whole new significance. The grant that we are a part of encompasses five states at eight institutions. To that end, we have created a new social networking space. All day today, members have been joining, but only a handful have posted or commented. I think this is often the case--and I am probably most guilty of it. I create/join collaboration blogs, list serves, and wikis, but there just isn't enough time in anyone's day to maintain participation at the same energy across the board. Most of the time we are discouraged from re-posting the same material to multiple sites, and I suppose I can see the logic in that because the same people are probably all connected to you through your various spaces, but what about those who just stumble upon you? This blog has been viewed over 3,000 times--by whom, I couldn't begin to guess, but the point is, I think "in moderation" and "more at the start" are good mottoes. Right now, I'm trying to encourage active participation across stakeholders by updating all the possible ways they may come across our social network. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls who is following me on multiple forums, I apologize upfront--bear with me. I won't overdue it, and I promise to slow it down.

So here it is: This is what I just posted to the social network forum about learning curves and the need of instructional designers to keep things in perspective:

Baby Steps . . . i.e., Learning Curves


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