Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae


PhD University of Denver, Curriculum & Instruction, November 2013.

MFA University of Long Island – Southampton College, English & Writing, Fellow, 2002. Poetry Emphasis.

BA University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo), English, Honors Program, 1998.

Alternative Colorado Secondary English Endorsement, 2003.


Title: Power of Equality Myths: A Transdisciplanary Study Examining the Influence of Equality Policy on Teachers & Learning (Keywords: Head Start; Early Childhood Education; Equality Policy; Education Policy)

This inquiry critically evaluates the multiple implications of this common-sense usage of language related to issues of equality, equity, sameness, and even democracy. Using the combined methodologies of educational criticism, critical discourse analysis, and self-ethnography, this transdisciplinary investigation describes, interprets, and evaluates the way staff members in a Head Start/early childhood education organization conceive of, and act upon, conceptualizations of equality policy.


Upcoming Fall Education Instructor. University of New Mexico, NM.
2014 Course to be taught: Curriculum Development 542
(Teacher Education Masters Program).

2013-2014 Instructional Designer, Consortium of Healthcare
Education Online, Grant Project-Lead Institution, Pueblo
Community College. Assisted instructors and subject matter
experts (SMEs) in redesigning existing f2f courses into hybrid/online formats. Worked with fourteen instructors & SMEs. This was a DOL funded project.

2012-2013 Graduate Research Assistant, Curriculum & Instruction,
University of Denver, Denver, CO, Part-time.
Primary role was to re-design & maintain professional image for department’s online portfolio site.

Spring 2013 Teaching Assistant, University of Denver, Denver, CO.
Course: Race, Class, Gender 4160 (Curriculum & Instruction).

Spring & Education Instructor, University of Denver, Denver, CO. Part-time.
Autumn 2010 Courses taught: Technology Leadership 4040 (Curriculum & Instruction) & Diversity Education 4670 (Teachers Education Program).

2009 – 2012; Composition Instructor, Pikes Peak Community College,
2006-2007 Colorado Springs, CO. Part-time.
Courses taught: Composition 121 & 122, Technology Hybrid, Full-Online &

2004 – 2005 Composition Instructor, Colorado State University-Pueblo &
Pueblo Community College, Pueblo, CO. Part-time.
Courses Taught: Composition 099, 100, 121 and 122.

1999 – 2002 Composition Lecturer, University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo), Pueblo, CO. 2yrs Part-time. 1yr Full-time.
Courses Taught: Composition 101 & 102, Introduction to Literature 130,
Honors 491: Poetry, Creativity & the Self, Independent Studies in Writing
Special Projects: Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series Project.


Early Childhood Education

Reading & Writing Instruction

Integrated Technology Instruction

Arts Based Learning/Research

Inclusive Excellence

Teaching & Learning Motivation

Transformational Learning

Curriculum and Instruction Teacher Education Preparation


2005 – 2010 Middle Grades Language Arts Lead Teacher, The Colorado Springs
School, Colorado Springs, CO. Full-time.
Courses taught: 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, A Writer’s Workshop 06, 07 & 08, Technology Meets Storytelling 06, 08 & 09, Social Justice 10.

2002 – 2004 Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Cesar Chavez Charter Academy, Pueblo, CO. Full-time.
Courses Taught: 6th Grade Writing, Honors Writing (7th-8th grade),
Success For All (Reading, Levels 7.1-HS), 8th Grade Writing & Journalism.


Spring 2012, Spring 2013 Assistant. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue journal.
& Current Provide editorial assistance for print issues.

Fall 2011 Graduate Researcher. Gates Foundation under direction of University of
Denver Faculty. This is ongoing research for a grant facilitating the
integration of teacher professional development, standardized assessment,
and technology.

Winter & Graduate Researcher. Community-Based Research under direction of
Spring 2010 University of Denver Faculty. As part of two consecutive University of Denver Community-Based Research and Practicum courses, I had the opportunity to be a part of a Community-Based Participatory Research collaborative between San LuisValley Prevention Partners and the Rocky Mountain Prevention Center. I helped create focus group protocols, conducted literature reviews, met with lead researchers, and communicated with community leaders.

Fall 2010 Writing Center Staff Tutor. Pikes Peak Community College.
Colorado Springs, CO.
Provided one-on-one writing assistance to students and colleagues.

Summer 08 PBWiki Educator.
Participated in online professional development and earned certificate at completion. Since 2006, blogs and wikis have been incorporated into all classes I teach.

2003 – 2004 Literacy Program Coordinator. The Cesar Chavez Academy.
Pueblo, CO. Conducted teacher observations, folder evaluations and coordinated program goals. Duties also included data analysis and staff training.

1999 – 2000 Writing Center Coordinator. Colorado State University-Pueblo,
Pueblo, CO.
Supervised staff of twenty tutors and the Online Writing Coordinator. Duties also included working closely with USC Learning Center staff on accountability and professional assessment considerations.

1998 – 1999 Assistant Writing Center Coordinator/Online Writing Lab Coordinator, University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo), Pueblo, CO.
Developed and coordinated USC’s inaugural Online Writing Lab (OWL). Duties included training writing center tutors, assisting in writing assessments of freshman and transfer students, collecting and analyzing data pertaining to the OWL, and acting as a liaison to District 60 faculty and students.

1999 – 2009 Editor, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Colorado State
University-Pueblo, Pueblo, CO
Made final decision on all submission acceptances, designed book layout,
chose artwork, worked with printers and supervised student Associate
Editors. In addition, organized and sought funding for 2002 poetry


2013-presesnt Member, American Educational Research Association, Arts Based Inquiry SIG.

2007-2010 Association of Colorado Independent Schools Inclusivity Network participant & social network co-founder. Small group of independent school leaders devoted to inclusive excellence. Met bi-monthly and eventually began an online social network to support collaboration over distance.

2009 National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference
official blogger. Chronicled my and my students’ experience throughout
the 2009 conference. (See:

2007, 2008, 2009 Student Diversity Leadership Conference Chaperone. Secured funding and mentored student participants during their conference experience at the
National Association of Independent Schools student conference.

2007 – 2010 Founder & Coordinator, Bridges: A Southern Colorado Student Literary Conference, Colorado Springs, CO.
Created opportunity for students grades 6-12th across the Front Range to
come together in a non-competitive forum to share literary achievements.
Conference participant numbers tripled by the second year.


Gutiérrez, J. (Upcoming Oct., 2014) The Day the Blocks Refuse to Stack: A Secret Every Early Childhood Educator Keeps to Herself. American Association for Teaching & Curriculum.

Gutiérrez, J. & Hemenway, C. (Dec. 2009) Promoting Cultural Pluralism through Technology. National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference.

Gutiérrez, J. (May 2009) No Dreams Deferred. 8th Annual Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence.

Gutiérrez, J. (March 2008) Tom Boyish Transgendered Working Girls: Pierced and Tatted Women of the Music World Take ‘Em To the Mat. Society for Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery.

Gutiérrez, J. (February 2002) Dichotomy of the Sickly Hero: Reflections of Art vs. Life in the Works of Thomas Mann. Society for Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery. (Published in Conference Proceedings 2003).


2012-2013 Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship for Inclusive Excellence, ($1000), University of Denver.

2011-2012 Graduate Dean’s Scholarship, ($5000), University of Denver.

2010 – 2011 Graduate Dean’s Scholarship, ($9000), University of Denver.
2009 – 2010 Miller Scholarship ($2000), University of Denver.

2009 – 2010 Graduate Dean’s Scholarship, ($5000), University of Denver.

2008 – 2009 Graduate Dean’s Scholarship, ($6,412.00), University of Denver.

2007 – 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award ($5,000),
The Colorado Springs School.

2002 – 2003 Top Teacher Award, Cesar Chavez Academy.

1998 – 2002 (3) Semester Full-Tuition Merit Fellowship, Long Island
University, Southampton College.

1997 – 1998 Capps Capozzola Award for Academic Excellence,
University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo).

1995 – 1996 Academic Achievement Award. University of Southern Colorado
(CSU-Pueblo), Pueblo


(Forthcoming Autumn 2014) “Early Childhood Education and Equality Policies.” Race Equality Teaching. Print.

(Proposal in Review). Sometimes, I Just Want to Teach: Why American Schools Are Getting it Wrong When it Comes to Equality for our Youngest & Most Vulnerable. Teachers College Press.

(In negotiation) The Day the Blocks Refuse to Stack: Narrative Poetry from the Soul of an Educator. Jamii Publishing. Print.

(Forthcoming) “With the Village.” Rivet: The Journal of Writing that Risks. Online.

(Forthcoming Sept., 2014) “Anniversary Band.” The Voices Project. Online

(Apr. 3, 2014) “January Chill.” Blast Furnace. Online.

(Jan. 20, 2014) “Solely.” The Voices Project. Online.

(Feb. 2013) “Naturing Fieldtrip.” Flycatcher Journal. Online.

(March, 2012) “The Parenting Urge.” Colorado Springs Kids Magazine. Print.

(2011) Silence Imbibed: Collection of Poems. Anaphora Literary Press. Print.

(Jan. 2012) “Hiking in Colorado Springs.” Flycatcher Journal. Online.

(April, 2011) “In Youth.” Underground Voices. Online.

(April, 2011) “Crotch Rockets.” Underground Voices. Online.

(Vol. 10, Spring 2011) “Merge.” Verdad Magazine. Online Print.

(Spring 2011) “Service Learning.” Bacopa Literary Review. Print.

(30 Nov. 2010) “Undying Trust of One So Young.” Antique Children. Online.

(Nov. 2010) “Camping at Oljeto Wash.” Acentos Review. Online.

(Jan. 2009) “Collaboration Goes Global.” Express. Association of Supervision and Curriculum. Online.

(2005) Weightless:Collection of Poems. PublishAmerica. Print.

(2002) “Letter to J.D Salinger.” Letters to J.D. Salinger. University of Wisconsin Press. Print.

(Fall/Winter 2002) “Chicana.” The Texas Review. Print.

(Mar./Apr. 2000) “Two-Socks.” The Writer’s Journal. Print.

(Vol. IX. 2009) Road Trance, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Editor. Print.

(Vol. III 2008) Spiraling, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Editor. Print.

(Vol. VII 2005)Interlude, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Editor. Print.

(Vol. V 2001) Paint Me Alive! , Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Editor. Print.

(Vol. III 200) Ripe, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series. Editor. Print.

(Vol. II 1998) Willow Songs, Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series, Editor. Print.





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